Troy Lindsey – “One Drop”

 Troy Lindsey – “One Drop”

Troy Lindsey – “One Drop” – Single Review

Well…if there’s one thing that can certainly be said for Troy Lindsey it’s that he always manages to keep it interesting.  We’ve reviewed songs from this artist in the past multiple-times with different results as Troy’s been experimenting with collaborations and testing the waters with different ideas as he’s refined his sound & style over the last couple years or so…but he always manages to do something one way or the other to catch the ear’s attention.

There’s a serious rad psychedelic-rock vein that “One Drop” finds itself in after it fully takes shape.  Presumably playing with the acid-imagery in the lyrics…the music becomes a complete trip on this tune and I absolutely loved what I was hearing.  The adherence to the melody in the vocal flow is a little on the rigid-side, especially towards the end of the last part of the first verse on “One Drop” but eventually they catch up to the rhythm and hold the fort strongly during the chorus.

Similar to past reviews we’ve done on Lindsey’s music, it’s the writing that tends to stand out the most on this Amercana/psych-rock tune he’s created once again on this time around.  Whether or not the performance in the vocal-department has him at his best might still be debatable, but I think Lindsey does pretty well to fit into this track.  I like the idea of the somewhat ‘outlaw’ atmosphere and tone of the opening verse…just think the words need to feel a little less crammed into the end of it.  On the other hand, the contrasting result is that the chorus feels extra-smooth when we hear it for the first time…nothing wrong with that!  There’s a wise-gruffness to some of the lines that really do fit perfectly…but maybe a few spots that just sound a bit rushed to fit the words in entirely.

So for me personally, “One Drop” became largely about the music.  Moments like around the 1:20/2:20 mark and the final forty seconds of this tune really hit home for their ingenuity and creative innovation through sheer impressive musicianship and instrumentation alone.  Truly some great sounds on “One Drop” with great tone to the guitar and more subtle elements like the piano and organ sounds filling in the background.  There’s a seriously great riff that starts up just before the 3:30 mark that sounds absolutely phenomenal as the track blasts off into the atmosphere for its finale ending – talk about raising the bar!  I think the ending of “One Drop” sounds seriously inspired and I only wish there was about another 5-10 minutes of this at the end to listen to!

Don’t get me wrong…I’ve enjoyed quite a bit of this tune.  For the better-part of the length of this tune, Lindsey sounds like he belongs here on “One Drop” and approaches the song with bold rock-confidence, style and genuine outlaw-swagger.  Raising it up at the end, he sounds good there too…there’s a solid rhythm and melody to his approach and when the wording is spread-out equally in the metering he delivers it solidly.  The music certainly steals the show on this one overall though – I think that Lindsey has really put together something that’s noticeable and entertaining here once “One Drop” really starts to kick in around the 1:20 mark & forward…and comparatively to much of what I’ve heard from this artist, definitely one of the better overall tunes I’ve heard put together by Troy.  Real atmosphere, meaty musicianship and solid ideas here on “One Drop” – I think he’s done himself proud on this tune.

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