SBS Podcast 001

Awesome to be back! Check out a wicked all-music line-up in our first episode from the new Ottawa SBS HQ with: – Seashaped – Bad Reed – Mr. Kito – Tricky Mandrake – Into Bits – Charming Timur – The Pit – Down Solo – The Blackmail Seduction – Reditus –   To become the […]Read More

Tricky Mandrake – “Over And Under”

Tricky Mandrake – “Over And Under” – Single Review If you caught the last episode of our show you’ve already got a couple of my preliminary thoughts on the new track “Over And Under” by Tricky Mandrake…and chances are you noticed I also referred a couple times to the music ‘playing’ – which unfortunately, we […]Read More

Tricky Mandrake – “Shoes That Bleed (Feat. Feeki)”

Tricky Mandrake – “Shoes That Bleed (Feat. Feeki)” – Single Review Alright…before anyone decides to shank Tricky Mandrake for attempting to bring back the rap/rock era to our current music climate…let me make a few arguments as to why it’s okay so we can get it all out on the table before we get into […]Read More