SBS Podcast 148

New music!  You want it, we got it – so come get some! We’ll be spinning music from A Love Like Pi, Acharya, Undocument, Tim Freitag, Slow Coda, and I, Useless, in addition to spending some time to talk about the latest happening with Moon And Aries, Yvette Lopez, and DanK Fancy through special features […]Read More

SBS Podcast 111

We wouldn’t leave ya hangin’ on a New Year’s Eve without a soundtrack to turn up!  Back with one last episode before 2020 is all over – we’ve got Proof Of Purchase! Volume 9 loaded up for ya to enjoy tonight, tomorrow, or whenever ya see fit to tune in to some genuine audio awesomeness […]Read More

Tim Freitag – “Hold On”

Tim Freitag – “Hold On” – Music Video Release/Review There’s every reason to expect great things from Tim Freitag – but MAN have they exceeded all possible expectations with their latest single/video for “Hold On” – this is exceptional in every sense of the word! Ever since hearing them for the first time on the […]Read More

Tim Freitag – “Bruises”

Tim Freitag – “Bruises” – Music Video Release/Review HUGE song & video the band Tim Freitag, I think people are going to really connect with what they’ve done on their new single “Bruises.”  In a world where we’re all constantly searching for something real to hang on to, the emotionally-powerful and sincere sound of lead-singer Janick […]Read More