Tim Freitag – “Hold On”

 Tim Freitag – “Hold On”

Tim Freitag – “Hold On” – Music Video Release/Review

There’s every reason to expect great things from Tim Freitag – but MAN have they exceeded all possible expectations with their latest single/video for “Hold On” – this is exceptional in every sense of the word!

Ever since hearing them for the first time on the single “Bruises,” I’ve been nothing else but positively stoked on Tim Freitag’s sound.  Like a chilled-out version of The Killers, this five-piece band continues to display a masterful sense of control, professionalism, and brilliant songwriting that has equal amounts of flash & substance.  The emotional push/pull of the new single “Hold On” shows just how insanely addictive their sound can truly be; the melody & pace lead to an undeniable catchiness in the rhythm & flow of TF’s new song that is guaranteed to spread like wildfire from ear to ear, listener to listener.

Every once in a while, you hear a song you just know will never leave you…that you’ll remember it whether you hear it again tomorrow or five years down the road…and ”Hold On” is one of those.  The hooks on this cut and the inviting sound of Tim Freitag’s style welcomes you into this cut immediately – you can’t help but feel the vibe of this tune resonate right inside your very core.  Brilliant guitar parts, seriously clever editing on the backing vocals, vibrant & colorful electro elements that add straight fire to the mix, and the consistently amazing lead vocals of Janick Pfenninger confidently leading the way – each element adds to the song & builds the structure alongside the steady beat on “Hold On,” leading to a payoff that absolutely delivers and massively satisfies.  I don’t exactly know who is responsible for what – but my ears tell me that this entire band deserves a TON of credit for the effort put in here – “Hold On” came out as flawlessly spectacular as a song ever could…so shout-outs to the rest of Tim Freitag:  Lorenzo Demenga, Daniel Gisler, Nicolas Rüttimann and Severin Graf, you’re all heroes as far as I’m concerned.  An extra special shout-out to the absolutely stunning job by Vania Sousa, who I believe provides the backing-vocals on “Hold On” as far as I can tell…she is 100% essential to the hooks on this song and complements the lead vocals from Janick perfectly.

I’m admittedly almost lost for words when it comes to Tim Freitag – I really think this entire band has it goin’ on.  From production (Tom Hessler) to performance, “Hold On” is a sparkling diamond in the rough and this band is truly a beacon of hope out there in the indie-scene right now.  When you watch their videos and listen to their music, you can both see & hear their passion on display through how much attention to detail and pure quality entertainment are put into both mediums.  The video for “Hold On” is another 100% killer set of visuals…in some ways, perhaps a little less involved than what “Bruises” showed us onscreen, but in others, particularly the atmosphere & relation to the words…I mean, this once again, exceeds every possible expectation.  Like, I LOVED “Bruises” – I still do!  But “Hold On” to me, took everything to the bonus-round…that next-level I wasn’t even sure existed…I love the video that supports this incredible song and I can’t help but feel like Tim Freitag has really hit this entire song from concept to execution, spot-on.  If there is one thing I’m DEFINITELY certain of, it’s that Tim Freitag seems to be scoring point after point with me…I can practically sing “Bruises” all the way through without even hearing it these days and “Hold On” is yet another highly memorable and catchy song I’ll never forget.

Whatever comes next from this band, you can bet I want to hear it.  I’d listen to anything from Tim Freitag – this band is entirely ready & destined for the big-time.

Find out more about Tim Freitag at the official links below!

Official Website: http://www.timfreitag.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/timfreitag

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/timfreitagmusic

Twitter: https://twitter.com/timfreitag

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/timfreitag

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/timfreitagmusic

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