SBS Podcast 013

It’s about damn time we got into some fan mail and questions for the show’s host, Jer @ SBS!  Fearlessly answering questions that have been sent in from listeners and followers, join Jer @ SBS as he pulls questions out of a bowl and puts out some thoughts on what’s happening in the independent music-scene […]Read More

Third Realm – Psychosis

Third Realm – Psychosis – Album Review Buffalo, New York’s dark-electro band is back in action with a brand-new album…Third Realm has just released Psychosis and it’s every bit the wild-ride you’d expect from this crew.  Last time out when we reviewed their album Deranged in 2015 we had good things to say…and we made […]Read More

Third Realm – Deranged

Third Realm – Deranged – Album Review If you like your electro on the dark-side, you’ll not need to look much further than Buffalo, New York’s Third Realm. As I understand it, dark-electro has been a prevalent part of the NY underground scene for a good part of this last decade, growing stronger with their […]Read More