The Naddiks – “Let Go”/”Dolly Rocker”

The Naddiks – “Let Go”/”Dolly Rocker” – Singles Review Let the comparisons begin! In many ways, I won’t have much choice this time around in writing this review…many things have changed with The Naddiks since last we checked in on them around 2017 with the “RagTop (Yosef Flumeri Remix).”  As far as original tunes goes, […]Read More

The Naddiks – “RagTop (Yosef Flumeri Remix)”

The Naddiks – “RagTop (Yosef Flumeri Remix)” – Single Review It completely makes sense to me that as an artist or band, receiving your music back in a remixed form HAS to be a seriously rad experience.  No matter the result, if you have the ability to let go of your art and find yourself […]Read More

The Naddiks – “Heart Of Fire”/”Stop.Listen&Love”

The Naddiks – “Heart Of Fire”/”Stop.Listen&Love” – Singles Reviewed While there would be no denying that there are some rough-edges surrounding the music of The Naddiks…I’d also be willing to argue against anyone telling me there’s not something special happening in the music of this band. With two-songs written powerfully using gigantic dynamics to bring […]Read More