September Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

It is official!  And it only took NINE months y’all – but we found our top 20 people of all time for sure. Not artists, not bands – people!  The whole twenty on this planet that were brave enough to admit they like independent music and subscribe to our channel – they’re phenomenal right?  I […]Read More

The Machete – Shape Shifters: Fact Vs Fiction

The Machete – Shape Shifters: Fact Vs Fiction – EP Review There are some characters you meet in this music-scene we share that ya never forget, even if it’s on a virtual basis – and there’s no question that The Machete has been unforgettable ever since we got introduced to them back in the day, […]Read More

The Machete – Chronicles Of Ridiculous

The Machete – Chronicles Of Ridiculous – Album Review Last time we checked into The Machete, they encouraged us to Take Dos with an EP full of vibrant instrumentals & ideas that really stood-out to my ears.  Unique and apart from almost everything else out there today – The Machete make a highly-skilled, precise and […]Read More

The Machete – Take Dos

The Machete – Take Dos – EP Review Alright…I’ve been waiting to talk to you all about this exciting band based out of Portsmouth, UK called The Machete for a while.  Not all on me, I assure you!  The Machete has been putting the final touches on their Take Dos EP for a couple months […]Read More