The Machete – “THE MACHETE” (Live At Victorious Festival 2021)

 The Machete – “THE MACHETE” (Live At Victorious Festival 2021)

The Machete – “THE MACHETE” (Live At Victorious Festival 2021) – Single Review

These crazy cats have found their way back here once again eh?  #NoComplaintsFromMe  #WelcomeHome

Good lordy…it was way back in…2016 that we first started listening to The Machete?  Really?  Heck ya to longevity!  Stoked to see these dudes are still out there making the magic happen – and in particular, I’m even more excited to get a dose of what they’d be like to experience LIVE from the stage through this clip of their self-titled track filmed at the Victorious Festival in Portsmouth of the UK from last year.  This looks like straight-up FUN to the nth degree…apparently I’m gonna have to add Portsmouth to my vacation destinations if they jam to music like this – LOOK at the crowd in front of The Machete as they’re playing will ya?  If you needed to see visible PROOF of people having the time of their life, it’s right there at the front of the stage…people are dancing up a storm and loving every single minute of this.  Can’t say I blame them in the slightest either – I’m simply watching video evidence of the aftermath and I’M practically having the same amount of fun right here in my chair – I can only imagine how rad it would have been to BE there, or to see The Machete do what they do LIVE in a festival setting.  It’ll require me actually leaving the house one day of course…but it looks like it would be worth it – these four dude are crushin’ “THE MACHETE” and put the personality into instrumental tunes, 100%.

Slayin’ it from the World Music Stage direct, The Machete carves up a solid victory for themselves with their wild antics getting the crowd going, along with playing a cut that truly speaks for itself.  And is it just me, or do they bust into an impromptu take on the ‘can can’ at the end of this video too?  It seems like we might be privy to the finale of their set in this particular clip…and it sure seems like they put on a performance to be proud of, as well as remembered by all that were there & lucky enough to witness it!  Take particular note of the date stamp y’all…technically, most folks wouldn’t even consider 2021 to have been through the pandemic at that point in time, yet The Machete has brought everyone in the audience together like the days you remember, for a riotous good time that looks like no one wanted to end.  Heck, like I said, I’m merely watching this onscreen and I’d watch the whole set if it was right in front of me!  What’s that you say?  There’s MORE on their official website?  Good golly gee, I sure hope someone is smart enough to post a LINK somewhere below this article so you can all check that out!  Alright…to be fair…the full set you’ll find posted there will take you back a couple years further to the same festival with their 2019 performance – BUT…whilst you’re stopping by, you can certainly take another minute or two to witness them rocking the theme song to The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air at what appears to be one hell of a house party!  You get the sense that, no matter where, no matter what time or what place, The Machete always brings the party along with’em, just like this video up top shows ya.

So heck YA – I’m all about it.  Obviously I’m looking forward to NEW music from The Machete, but in lieu of that, I’ll certainly take a live clip like this to remember the multiple reasons as to why I dig these guys so much.  It’s rare to see a band that’s so relentlessly into what they create, play with such extraordinary enthusiasm, and in such a different style than you’d likely experience in anything else on your playlist – The Machete probably convert a whole legion of folks into new fans every single time they play a show!  I’m packin’ my bags and heading to Portsmouth if they’re having this much fun over there…I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s boring over here where I live in Canada, but it sure ain’t jammin’ like what you see in this video either – I’ll meet you there!  The Machete have long proven they can kick all the ass & then some on a recording like they have in the past on the Take Dos EP, or Shape Shifters: Fact Vs Fiction – it’s awesome to see that their musicianship and unique energetic spark translates from the studio to the stage perfectly when they’re playing LIVE.  Definitely gonna have to put’em on my ‘must see’ list over here – and if you’re lucky enough to be anywhere near’em on tour, make sure you don’t miss that show – you can tell from this one sample video alone that they’ll make sure it’s a moment you’ll never forget!

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