Steve Nick – Steve And Friends

Steve Nick – Steve And Friends – EP Review There are some people in this world that I truly have respect for – and people like Steve Nick certainly fall into that category.  Why would that be, you ask?  Let me tell ya… First of all, if you’re unfamiliar with Steve Nick’s music or my […]Read More

Steve Nick – “The Shadow Of Your Eyes”

Steve Nick – “The Shadow Of Your Eyes” – Single Review You can say all you like about any artist or band’s music as a music-journalist…but the bottom-line is 99% of those of us out there still want to BE the musicians that we write about – and that’s no matter if the sounds we’re […]Read More

Steve Nick – Unplugged

Steve Nick – Unplugged – EP Review I almost don’t quite know what to make of this one! An Unplugged EP full of covers from a man two-letters away and likely mistaken in print by many as Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks enough times to fill a page at least I’m sure – we’ve got Steve […]Read More