Steve Nick – “The Shadow Of Your Eyes”

 Steve Nick – “The Shadow Of Your Eyes”

Steve Nick – “The Shadow Of Your Eyes” – Single Review

You can say all you like about any artist or band’s music as a music-journalist…but the bottom-line is 99% of those of us out there still want to BE the musicians that we write about – and that’s no matter if the sounds we’re hearing pass or fail our personal litmus tests – we’d still trade places in a heartbeat with those brave enough to put themselves out there like solo-artist Steve Nick does. I might be writing this alone, but I know for a fact I’m speaking on behalf of pretty-much the entire music-journalism community in making that comment…we write about what we love…because largely, doing it for real would make us crap in our pants.

As some of you will remember, we’ve just recently reviewed Steve’s music on an Unplugged EP full of cover-songs that demanded his very-best X10…and it was a tough review. What I took away from that experience…was so much more. In talking with Steve post-review I found an artist determined to find his path in music and willing to fight for it – but also one willing to accept valid criticism in order to develop, learn and grow. I’d be the last to tell Steve that I think I told him anything new about the music concerning his EP that he didn’t already know, but it was awesome to know that this was a sincere artist who truly wants to do the best that he can and find what works best for him through the listener’s perspective as much as his own. And I respect that – big time. I felt even though there were points to be made that I came out perhaps harsher than normal…you would think that would scare most people away…but not Steve. Steve is built of a courage that most are not…it shows in his song-choice, his vocal approach…it shows in the fact that he is here again today on our pages in review and ready to accept whatever might come his way when I begin to dissect his latest original single “The Shadow Of Your Eyes.”

You see people? It’s like a two-for-one bonus special today – you don’t need to Wikipedia ‘strength of character’ today at all for its definition – we’ve got it personified with Steve Nick right here.

I had a theory that listening to music written originally by Steve would work potentially better than trying to fit within the context & energy of someone else’s ideas in cover-tunes. I like to think that “The Shadow Of Your Eyes” proves me right for the most part on all that…to me this sounds more authentic to Steve’s style & sound.

Largely the song itself relies on Steve to pull it all off. There’s a subtle acoustic guitar that plays along behind the vocals…but for the most part he’s so far in front he barely requires it – it’s the vocal melodies that carry the tune almost entirely. He’s done a good job…and at times flashes the brilliance of the potential that exists within him in-full. I’d be doing him a disservice by claiming it’s completely spot-on in tone, but the passion and determination of this artist is a magic that he seems to always be able to get across completely clearly in his recordings…and I can sincerely appreciate that. Steve has an exceptionally courageous approach to the microphone and isn’t holding back on “The Shadow Of Your Eyes” whatsoever…he’s a confident & competent singer.

My current theory is this: One of the reasons that Steve is so willing, ready and able to accept feedback in all-forms is because he’s still finding HIS voice as a singer – and that can happen when you have the ability to cover different styles, sounds, genres and vocal-tones. It’s not that he hasn’t found his singing-voice – he certainly has – it’s just a matter of which one of them to choose at the time of kinda-thing. As singers in ‘the moment’ – we often make those choices in less than a split-second, out of intuition and instinct…and sometimes we can audibly be heard getting caught stuck in the gears as our brains make those choices in a somewhat automated way. As time marches on…a singer like Steve Nick is still the kind I’d put money on to get there in the end – again, determination, effort, refinement, evolution…these things matter much more in terms of longevity that any amount of natural talent. Artists like Steve never burn out, never give up, never put a halt to the creative process and are always looking to improve on what they did on the last time out – and that’s what you need to truly make it.

I think a single like “The Shadow Of Your Eyes” shows Steve Nick in a light more suited to him, and I think it reveals much, much more of the potential that will one day fully butterfly itself right out of its cocoon into full-scale ability & awesomeness. He’s got a lot of power in his voice…but it’s like they say – with great power comes great responsibility…and I think once he’s fully harnessed his ideas, tone and style in complete harmony – he’ll be making memorable music for years and years to come.

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