Convey – Speed Dial

Convey – Speed Dial – EP Review Couldn’t have been more excited to see this one coming up on my playlist!  Convey has easily had one of the best and most entertaining tracks I’ve heard this year with “Speed Dial,” which we’ve reviewed earlier with glowing, well-earned remarks.  You might have also heard their chosen […]Read More

Convey – “Speed Dial”

Convey – “Speed Dial” – Video Release/Review If there’s one thing that a strong song deserves in today’s day & age, it’s a strong set of visuals to go with it.  I’ve often commented on how the people out there, we people – the listeners, actually need something to move us onscreen before we get […]Read More

Convey – “Speed Dial”

Convey – “Speed Dial” – Single Review I had actually just mentioned the other day about the reliable relationship between the influences you can find on the music listed on a band/artist’s social media and the sound of their own stuff – and Convey makes for another incredible example of how that truly works…I had […]Read More

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