SlickMick – YouTube Singles

SlickMick – YouTube Singles – Singles Review Y’all know the name…we’ve featured this guy up on our pages plenty over the past couple years, though this is the first time I’ve actually reviewed the music as opposed to just post it.  Time to get critical mate! I get this same message literally every time SlickMick […]Read More

SlickMick – “Sippin Versaci Bitter N Spittin On Cars”

Been a minute since we last heard from SlickMick on the mic – but you best believe he’s still out there doing his thang.  Hell, he might even pick up an official endorsement for this latest single, he’s rocking a Victoria Bitter logo over his eye-patch while he’s late-night rhyming over one seriously imaginative beat.  […]Read More

SlickMick – “Against The Wild”

The adventures of rapper SlickMick continue…he’s still hatin’ on cars & still not lovin’ police.  Legend has it, SlickMick got hit by a car and lost his MEMORY???  CHECK HIM OUT!!!  Have a listen to his brand-new single “Against The Wild” below! Find more music & videos from SlickMick’s official channel at YouTube here: […]Read More

SlickMick – “A Slick Story – Wish I Could Go

Car crash survivor/independent rapper SlickMick lost his memory in an accident, but ain’t nothin’ stoppin’ him from spittin’ his rhymes.  He gets into his own personal tale, directly expresses his feelings on the situation, vents about his hatred of cars, and makes his feelings known on the 45th president of the US even! Find more […]Read More

SlickMick – “And The Bitches Multiplying”

According to legend…according to word on the street…according to the official social-media postings online, SlickMick went and got smoked in an epic car crash that left him without the ability to make memories for several months afterwards.  One such memory, is this freestyle rhyme he started busting out while at a red light in traffic […]Read More