Marcellus – “Notice”

Marcellus – “Notice” – Single Review Shaken, not stirred…as the ol’ saying goes. Marcellus knows how to make a drink y’all, which you’ll see happenin’ directly onscreen in the new video he’s got put together to support his single “Notice” – and from what you’ll hear pouring through your speakers, it’s clear he knows how […]Read More

Klacc1315 – “NIGHTMARE In Texas” / “Patricia-Wockeisha”

Klacc1315 – “NIGHTMARE In Texas” / “Patricia-Wockeisha” – Singles Review “Let’s go!” Representing N.T.A Records – we’ve got Klacc1315 back up on our pages.  It’s been a minute, but not too long – the name should still be fresh in your mind from posting the man up here back in August of last year when […]Read More

Blunt Objects – Pointy Rounds

Blunt Objects – Pointy Rounds – Album Review Well that…is definitely a rubbery beginning.  I ain’t saying that’s as a bad thing, just an observation is all.  “Downtown” sounds like it’s the recorded version of what a bungee cord experiences.  It works well enough…it’s another Bill Owens project, but more of a noticeable bend towards […]Read More

DID NOT! – (Did So)

DID NOT! – (Did So) – Album Review All this back & forth I tell ya…DID NOT!, (Did So)…I mean…it sure seems and sounds like SOMETHING happened, can we all agree on that?  Otherwise how did I get here?  I only tend to show up in people’s lives when there’s music to be listened to…but […]Read More

California – California Loves You

California – California Loves You – Album Review I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right.  If there’s one place on earth that needs MORE songs written about it, it’s clearly California.  Has it ever even been done before (this week?)?  It has?  Oh!  Many and multiple times, each and every year you say?  Since […]Read More

Steven Blane – Songs For New York Lovers

Steven Blane – Songs For New York Lovers – Album Review Ohhhh what has it been…about a year?  Year and a half?  Somewhere around there I suppose…it’s been a few minutes at least since the last time we featured artist/Rabbi Steven Blane on our pages, way back when I reviewed his record Boulevard Of Broken […]Read More

SHE IS CHAOS – “Margarita”

SHE IS CHAOS – “Margarita” – Music Video Post All the way from Croatia to our Canadian-based pages on the internet, beaming straight into your homes from the screens of YouTube, we’ve got SHE IS CHAOS in the mix for ya today with the video for their brand-new single “Margarita.”  Killer stuff!  Visually, this is […]Read More

SHAN B – The Coded Way

SHAN B – The Coded Way – Album Review “The Coded Way is the only way.” SHAN B sounds like he knows his way around…I don’t expect the man needs much confirmation from the likes of a guy like me.  I’m sure he’s gotten plenty of that from many people out there that have been […]Read More

BROCK – “ZONE (Minimal)”

BROCK – “ZONE (Minimal)” – Music Video Post There we go…back to normal on the posting front…was worried for a moment when we posted “Zone” yesterday here at our pages that the caps-lock was broken on BROCK’s computer, and that just won’t do now will it?  How would we know it was him without the […]Read More

BROCK – “Zone”

BROCK – “Zone” – Music Video Post Could it be?  Our all-caps madman went with a rare lower-case posting this time around as he takes it up a notch in 2023?  Is our boy here growing up?  Is this BROCK becoming a professional?  Is BROCK turning over a new leaf to start the new year?  […]Read More