SBS Live This Week 081

Check out part II of our interview with singer/songwriter Ed Roman! We’ll get into all kinds of craziness that is guaranteed to get you smilin’ and having a great time whilst soaking up the pearls of wisdom & knowledge bombs that Ed drops throughout the interview…PLUS – two exclusive LIVE performances just for the show, […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 080

Brand-new episode of SBS Live This Week! A video-interview with singer/songwriter Ed Roman no less! Part I of II – make sure to check out what this guy has to say and the exclusive LIVE performances he’s put together in this episode.  A real gentleman and a complete pro in every sense of the word, […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 074

Take a trip down memory lane and get your nostalgia on!  On this week’s episode of SBS Live This Week we’ve got a classic set from Modern Day Poets from 2015!  Ryan @ SBS demanded, that’s right – demanded, that we bring the MDP in for an interview/live performance after we watched them dominate the […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 073

Part II of the madness & mayhem with Helsinki, Finland’s own lovable, snuggly & warmest band, Charming Timur! Come check out the rest of what Santeri Lohi of CT has to say to us & check out the scenery with him as we talk about all-things-music and whatever else is on his mind.  Music from […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 072

The day is here, the time is NOW! Charming Timur is on SBS Live This Week with Santeri Lohi answering a ton of our questions on Part 1 of a video-interview! Music from your main guest + killer animated bonus video for the new single “The Brainwashers” from Jack Of None!Read More

SBS Live This Week 071

Check out a full-set of hip-hop from rapper Napz Meka live out of Olympia in Surrey, BC from 2014 when we first saw him on stage during our first five years! Bonus video from Joshua & Kristina for their new single “Higher” and spotlights on new hip-hop/rap music from MC² and 1 Donnel – enjoy!Read More

SBS Live This Week 070

SBS Live This Week returns with another chapter of our history from the first five years, taking you back to an acoustic set from singer/songwriter/solo-artist Calixxa performed live in our very own studio in 2014, way back when we were still based in BC, Canada. Also featuring a bonus video + spotlight on the music […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 069

Spaceport Union!  We’d been waiting for this crew to take the ferry from Vancouver Island over to the mainland for a show…if I remember right I had to bail on them previously in 2014 at The Backstage Lounge, but eventually they made their way back for a show at Studio on the Granville strip of […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 068

Check out a live set from the first five years of SBS history with Lung Flower stomping all over Olympia Pizza in good ol’ Surrey, BC, Canada in 2015. Bonus video from rock-metal band Grenouer from Russia!Read More

SBS Live This Week 067

Been a while since we got a video-interview back – and now here we are, with I, Symptom all the way from Budapest, Hungary!  Absolutely awesome stuff in this interview, great answers, great editing…highly creative and tons of valuable information and insight into all-things I, Symptom.  These video-interviews have always been one of the most […]Read More