Savannah Philyaw – “Can’t Avoid A Dream”

Savannah Philyaw – “Can’t Avoid A Dream” – Single Review “I don’t know where I’m running from; all I know is that I’m leaving.” I’ve felt like that before, usually accompanied closely by a ‘who, what, when & why’ right after.  I’ve always been amazed at how a song can come along in life at […]Read More

SBS Podcast 029

For those that have been waiting on a country-music episode…your day has finally arrived! Country tunes from throughout the independent music-scene including songs from Donica Knight, Jacob Bryant, Madelyn Victoria, Cody Webb, Ray William Roldan, Savannah Philyaw and Dylan Schneider. We’ll switch it up as well to end the show on a different note with […]Read More

Savannah Philyaw – “Hurting You”

Savannah Philyaw – “Hurting You” – Single Review Don’t get me wrong…if the subject-matter of the heartbreak on “Hurting You” is real, I certainly feel for its author…but it’s hard not to be enthusiastically positive about the way this tune has come out in the recording.  Savannah Philyaw has absolutely got that special gift of […]Read More