Savannah Philyaw – “Can’t Avoid A Dream”

 Savannah Philyaw – “Can’t Avoid A Dream”

Savannah Philyaw – “Can’t Avoid A Dream” – Single Review

I don’t know where I’m running from; all I know is that I’m leaving.

I’ve felt like that before, usually accompanied closely by a ‘who, what, when & why’ right after.  I’ve always been amazed at how a song can come along in life at just the right time when you seem to really understand and connect to the emotional thread that runs through the music we listen to.  Of course there are a million times throughout life where that’s not the case on a daily basis…sometimes I believe our souls are looking for something more from the messages in music; and whenever I’ve needed it personally, it’s always been there.  Case in-point, there was Savannah Philyaw’s new single “Can’t Avoid A Dream” that just seemed to pop onto my playlist at the right moment in time for me to truly hear it.

If you’re familiar with our pages, you’ve likely seen her name featured here before.  Savannah’s last single “Hurting You” made a massive impression and impact on us, revealing the potential of a future superstar with an incredibly successful & long career still ahead of her.  Her latest single “Can’t Avoid A Dream” is simply confirmation of the amazing performer, singer & songwriter that we knew we had found from the first time we laid our ears upon her music.  She really is a shining light that boldly stands out through the insightful mix sincerity, emotion & melody in her style – Savannah’s music is genuinely always a pleasure to experience and an entirely welcome sound on all our playlists that resonates both sweetly & powerfully within the hearts and minds of those who listen.

Our own stories often make for the best material – and I’d highly suspect that the words you’ll find on “Can’t Avoid A Dream” are likely based on her own experiences.  Savannah writes in such a realistic perspective that many out there will completely identify with the feelings, thoughts & emotions she expresses throughout her new single.  Ultimately, it’s a song about recognizing where you are in life, where you want to be, and finding that strength & courage to break free of the daily grind and truly follow your dreams like you know you’re supposed to be doing.  It’s about not letting that potential and gift go to waste and realizing the impact it could have on the world – or at the very least, your own life.  Being an artist isn’t something you choose to be – it’s something you ARE; it’s not something you can hide and you “Can’t Avoid A Dream” when the dream itself is meant to be your reality.

That being said, many of us have been there, or close to the message in Savannah’s new single in some way, shape or form…let’s face it, the struggle is real.  Even when you’re doing what you love full-time, that struggle never goes away fully if you’ve got your sights set on whatever that next goal for your art may be.  Savannah details this insightfully well through the imagery in her words on “Can’t Avoid A Dream” and even though she’s essentially superhuman when it comes to her abilities as an artist already, she shows just how down to earth & authentically humble she really is through her new song.  There’s an honesty in the way that Savannah writes her songs that I fully believe a ton of people out there will connect with…and as melancholy as the mood of “Can’t Avoid A Dream” can be at times, it’s impossible to miss the ultimately uplifting & inspiring messages in this song that run between the lines.  She communicates what’s on her mind with what she says – she communicates how these thoughts affect her by the way she expresses them as she sings.  Full of grace, beauty, and impeccable sincerity, her heartfelt approach to the melody & flow of “Can’t Avoid A Dream” IS that song that many people out there will need to hear at just the right time when they need it most.  I know that it was for me.

And for that, I thank her.  Savannah Philyaw continues to impress with another stunning turn on the microphone & equally beautiful music surrounding her…she makes amazing music that is full of melody & heart – and the relatable way she writes is bound to connect with each & every one of you out there.

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