Russell Lee – Meant To Be

Russell Lee – Meant To Be – Album Review Hmmm!  Well alrighty.  For some reason, I kind of assumed we’d have a double-disc or three-part anthology here, but we got seven songs on the brand-new Russell Lee album Meant To Be.  Two of’em we’ve been checking out for a couple years now already as lead-singles, […]Read More

Russell Lee – “Meant To Be”

Russell Lee – “Meant To Be” – Single Review You know…Russell Lee has caught me at the right time with this one.  Anyone out there catch that debut episode of Tales From The Tour Bus just the other day?  I sure did…and I was glued.  I was glued to the story of legendary Country artist […]Read More

Russell Lee – “Picture”

Russell Lee – “Picture” – Single Review From what I can tell…Russell Lee has put together a real classic here with his new single “Picture.”  A smooth slice of Americana/Folk/Country blended together…Lee’s written a strong narrative here for the music to support – and it’s in that combination between the music & lyrics that you […]Read More