Russell Lee – “Picture”

 Russell Lee – “Picture”

Russell Lee – “Picture” – Single Review

From what I can tell…Russell Lee has put together a real classic here with his new single “Picture.”  A smooth slice of Americana/Folk/Country blended together…Lee’s written a strong narrative here for the music to support – and it’s in that combination between the music & lyrics that you get a strong sense & feeling that this is an artist who has truly come into his own.

From what I’ve read about him…looks like he’s been on the scene since about 2005 and based in Nova Scotia before relocating himself and his career to Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2008.  While you get the impression from “Picture” that he’s probably also had a strong pen for lyrics and great instincts for music…I’m sure he’d tell you it’s been a journey to get to where he is today.  I’ve seen a handful of other clips online…and to further my assumption/point – “Picture” to me, seemed inarguably like some of his best music to-date.

Though “Picture” might remind you of several other acts & artists in the genre like Blue Rodeo, Bob Seger of The Boss – I still felt like this tune was more than strong enough to represent Russell Lee’s sound.  The band plays this one fantastically & flawlessly surrounding his voice from every angle with bass, drums, guitars and keyboards; they never let him or this song down for a single solitary second.  I’m not 100% sure on whether or not it does enough to really separate himself from the crowd he’s surrounded in musically…but there’s no argument that he’s created a solid tune that’s well-played & well-written.  Certainly a song I’d be proud of without question.

What I found I liked most about the song was that nostalgic aspect and insight on what we see in photographs and how they both factor into our memories and hold them there.  You can connect and relate to the words that Lee has written…the imagery is vivid and you really get that great mix of lyricism that you know has personal meaning for Russell, but written in such a way that you’ll feel like much of what he’s singing about could apply to your own life.  I personally LIVE inside of like…whatever ALL of nostalgia would be…I live inside the past and what few pictures I have after losing everything I owned at 22 are very rare and very special to me now.  I definitely felt that connection to the words that Lee is singing…and again, I liked that you can hear the strength of that connection for him as well in the passionate way he expresses them on “Picture.”

To support a great song in today’s world is to have a solid video to go with it – and again, I felt like Russell Lee managed to do a fantastic job in bringing the entire vision to life onscreen in such a way that really complemented what we hear in the words and music of “Picture.”  Even the band-shots outside of the storyline when they’re onstage all look like they’re ‘in’ a “Picture” when you see the set up and backdrop squared out behind them like an oversized Polaroid.  Again…real credit where credit is due; even though I’d say to some extent the genres Lee would find himself a part of are generally not the ones I personally gravitate towards – I have immense respect for focus like I’ve seen and heard here on “Picture” and how much follow-through there has been to make sure it all came out just as it should.  From performance to production, writing to video – I have no complaints about “Picture” and only praise – Lee has done an excellent job on creating a song that will truly go on to last and hold-up over time.

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