The Creative Hive – Singles

The Creative Hive – Singles Review Well right on, right on – full salute to this crew right here, The Creative Hive is a group built of military veterans from the Marine Corps & the Army – as always, much respect & many thanks for your service. Now these vets are serving in a whole […]Read More

2Seas Sessions: Number 1 – Hassan Bin Rashid

From the official desk at 2Seas Studio – 2Seas Sessions: Number 1 – Hassan Bin Rashid Hassan Bin Rashid Al Khalifa (HBR) is a singer/songwriter from Bahrain, best known for being a member of the Royal Family but most affectionately recognized for his musical talents. When we invited Hassan to perform at our studio in […]Read More

Shofar – “Running”

Shofar – “Running” – Single Review Versatile sound from this five-piece out of Minneapolis…the new single “Running” from Shofar has a lot to offer pretty much all facets and areas of anything-Rock, transitioning through wicked hooks with a progressive approach that’s still plenty accessible. That being said, I’ll say this…in the household I grew up […]Read More