SBS Live This Week 101

If you didn’t make it out there to a concert this weekend yet, we’ve got ya covered! Step back in time a couple years and check out a set from Abandon Paris at Studio in Vancouver from 2016 before fast-forwarding into the present-day to check out a brand-new video from our artist in the spotlight […]Read More

Ameer Hendricks – “Ride Or Die”

Ameer Hendricks – “Ride Or Die” – Music Video Release/Review This dude makes the nightlife look spectacular! Well…much like you’d expect, it takes a whole crew of support to pull a combination of song/video like this off…you got the main-star of the show Ameer Hendricks bringing spot-on vocals through this questioning tale of life/love, fantastic […]Read More

BEEA – “Ride Or Die”

BEEA – “Ride Or Die” – Music Video Release/Review Making sure that we cover every angle possible – if you haven’t checked out the sensational singer BEEA’s new video for her single “Ride Or Die” on our latest episode of SBS Live This Week, we’re making sure you see it here.  Or better yet, do […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 096

Catch a live set out of the vault for our First Five Years series on SBS Live This Week & check out Lindstrom And The Limit from their visit to SBS and an acoustic set from back in 2015!  Stick around for a spotlight on the music of BEEA and her latest video “Ride Or […]Read More

BEEA – “Ride Or Die”

BEEA – “Ride Or Die” – Single Review You know, if I’m being honest, based on the artwork that came along with this single, I’m not entirely sure if the tender melody that ended up coming through the speakers matched the impression I had.  I mean…you can see it right here on the page…I suppose […]Read More