Ameer Hendricks – “Ride Or Die”

 Ameer Hendricks – “Ride Or Die”

Ameer Hendricks – “Ride Or Die” – Music Video Release/Review

This dude makes the nightlife look spectacular!

Well…much like you’d expect, it takes a whole crew of support to pull a combination of song/video like this off…you got the main-star of the show Ameer Hendricks bringing spot-on vocals through this questioning tale of life/love, fantastic production via the talents of Ameen Harron, and spectacular sights to see onscreen from the expert direction of Moody Visualz capturing the vibe perfectly.  Extremely well shot, you’ll follow Ameer through the city streets on what’s just as much of an emotional & personal journey as it is a physical one as he travels from place to place.  Complete with killer dancers breakin’ it down, pop’n & lock’n all over the place – the flashy scenes onscreen complement the vibrant sound of this single right on the money.  Bringing it in close to focus on Ameer through the verses and expanding to the people found dancing throughout the city as the energy comes up in the chorus, what you see visually captures the right energy in each moment to suit the vibe…and you gotta dig the seriously stunning job that’s been done on the editing of this video – this whole cut pops with lively sound and onscreen in all the right ways to stand out & pull you in.  From the most subtle & low-key moments to the colorful electro firing off at its maximum, Ameer Hendricks has a great vocal-style for this kind of hybrid sound, showing versatility and range in his own performance.  People will connect with the endearing tones of his voice and the authenticity you’ll see from him onscreen & hear through your speakers…you can tell he has what it takes to succeed out there in the entertainment industry.

He’s done really well here all-around.  In the most subtle moments of the music on “Ride Or Die,” you’ll find Ameer has no problem whatsoever owning the spotlight and making the most of his moment; when things get quieter, you notice even more just how sweet & spot-on he is for his tone & control.  The hooks are strong & memorable, the writing is as tight as the execution…excellent dynamics in the music to bring out the best from the song’s main star & spectacular sounds to absorb along the way – it’s a subtle but single-worthy tune that reveals a soulful singer that the ears of the people out there will definitely approve of.  With a strong video supporting a great tune – Ameer Hendricks is poised in great position to make an impact with “Ride Or Die” – he’s given you a lot to love about this new single.

Find out more about Ameer Hendricks on our next episode of SBS Live This Week where we’ll play the new video for his single “Ride Or Die” and share some additional thoughts with ya about him & his music – until that comes out, make sure to find out more about him from the official pages below!





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