BEEA – “Ride Or Die”

 BEEA – “Ride Or Die”

BEEA – “Ride Or Die” – Music Video Release/Review

Making sure that we cover every angle possible – if you haven’t checked out the sensational singer BEEA’s new video for her single “Ride Or Die” on our latest episode of SBS Live This Week, we’re making sure you see it here.  Or better yet, do both!  You’ll find some additional thoughts on BEEA and her music before we play her vid on the show…and of course, if you watched it there first, you’re here now to get a bit more insight and thoughts on what she’s come up with onscreen to support “Ride Or Die.”

So let’s do that!

BEEA puts in a completely strong performance on “Ride Or Die” and I love how this video has come out to support what was a great single already.  Now it’s got strengths in both audio/video – and you can clearly see/hear from either version that she’s got the talent, skills, confidence, & technique to stand out from the rest.  I mentioned attention to detail and how she’s been a champion of that from her website to her music when I was ranting about BEEA on SBS Live This Week…and of course I stand by those comments – just LOOK at how the video came out!  Perfectly shot scenes, brilliant editing, clever storyline threaded into it all…and that ending yo!  “Ride Or Die” got the video it deserved and the look of this entire single visually adds a ton to the concepts & themes driving the lyrics & emotion of BEEA’s song…really well put together all-around from the colorization in the natural scenery to the smart effects onscreen during BEEA’s time in the spotlight – it all comes together stunningly in her new video.

In a modern take somewhat on a Bonnie & Clyde-type story…this artist takes you on a journey through life, love, heartbreak, commitment, & much more through the emotionally powerful & melodic song BEEA’s written & performed…it’ll make you rethink just how much you’re willing to sacrifice to be with the one you love and what it would take for you to “Ride Or Die” for that special someone out there.  Expertly directed by Wesley Quinn, “Ride Or Die” comes out as excellent to watch as it is to listen to, BEEA’s got herself a strong single from every angle and proves she’s just an entertaining onscreen as she is as a singer – she’s got the ‘it’ factor.  If you read about her life spent dedicated to music and entertainment of all kinds, you’ll know she’s had ‘it’ since day one.  She’s still getting warmed up – lots more music to come from this passionate, dedicated, focused, & talented artist…make sure to keep an eye/ear out on her pages ‘cause BEEA is ready to bring it to 2018!

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