Glenn Murawski – “Requiem”

Glenn Murawski – “Requiem” – Single Review It’s a Murawski-filled May up in here… You know I’m always the first person to admit when the man’s cooked up something special for ya, or if Glenn’s colored outside the lines, I’ve been there for those experiences too over this past couple years or so in reviewing […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 083

Another amazing video-interview on SBS Live This Week – this time with the SHREDMASTER GENERAL himself – Blaine Kaltman of the killer hard-rock-til-you-drop-cause-you-know-it-don’t-stop band known as Stone Mob!  What a seriously rad guy to talk to…full of knowledge and the right attitude to make music truly ROCK.  We’ve got an incredible episode lined up for […]Read More

The Drama Dolls – Requiem

The Drama Dolls – Requiem – Album Review Big credit to Mike Cambridge at the helm of the controls for The Drama Dolls…let me tell ya why.  I see a ton of bands in the independent scene going for EP’s over albums these days in effort to keep the music-flowing at a better rate; and […]Read More