SBS Podcast 018

Here we go again folks! Jer @ SBS answers the questions you’ve got on your mind…whatever they might be! Featuring incredible new tunes that are seriously fresh onto playlists right now with new music from artists/bands that have just released brand-new stuff out into the world including: Astral Darkness, Swami Lushbeard, Steve Ryan, Dansad, Western […]Read More

Rahm – Between The Lines

Rahm – Between The Lines – EP Review After having reviewed the title-track & lead single from the Between The Lines EP early on in July this year…I should have expected the diverse & versatile range of ideas that would fill-out the rest of the EP once it was released.  Over the course of five […]Read More

Rahm – “Between The Lines”

Rahm – “Between The Lines” – Single Review This…was an extreme pleasure to listen to. Not only does the latest single from Rahm really have a mystifying sound to its atmosphere…there is incredible skill and structure here in this bold song.  I say bold because clearly Rahm is making true ART out of his music…there’s […]Read More