SBS Live This Week 100

Who’s still up & eatin’ candy?  Got some candy for your ears & eyes right here is what we’ve got!  Happy Halloween everyone.  Got a brand-new episode featuring all kinds of music & vids from:  Colorstarr, Bone Nest, Clay Hughes, Elite|Fitrea, The ATif, S.e Elliott & That Awful Rhythm, Joseph Tonelli, I, Useless – and […]Read More

Peter Senior – “Cool Ride”

Peter Senior – “Cool Ride” – Music Video Release/Review Just fulfilling the promises I’ve made as best I can.  If you tuned into the recent episode of the SBS Podcast, you knew this day was coming soon and that we’ve still got lots of plans for Peter Senior’s single “Cool Ride” from his album On […]Read More

SBS Podcast 058

Another spectacular show filled with audio-awesomeness from all over the independent scene, including brand-new tunes from Untitled Art, Peter Senior, and I, Useless! Plus a whole army of killer cuts and past artists you know from our show including tunes from The Betters, Outrun The Arrow, Aztec, Pinto And The Bean, Sam And The Black […]Read More

Peter Senior – “Cool Ride”

Peter Senior – “Cool Ride” – Single Review Okay Pete, you got me. First of all, I’ve never had a press release try and seduce me before…so there’s that.  I mean, I’ve had plenty that have attempted to entice me to listen…but this was next-level – that’s a sexy write-up brother!  Charms the pants off […]Read More