SBS Podcast 080

Bars for days on the latest episode of the SBS Podcast!  We got wild emcees from throughout the scene on the show today, plus an interview with artist RA Light in the mix for ya, music from our main guest, and cuts from Alby Sound, Gentry Fox, J Speed, Nobility, Cunabear, A-B-E, Ain’t No Other, […]Read More

Nobility – Be Safe

Nobility – Be Safe – Album Review Man (and by man I mean y’all) – I have been looking forward to hearing more from Nobility since we last reviewed his rap-music on the album State Of Mind sometime over a year ago now I figure. This emcee possessed deadly skills and a virtually unmatchable flow […]Read More

Nobility – State Of Mind

Nobility – State Of Mind – Mixtape Review Let me start off by saying that if you’re going to only choose ONE mixtape based on the concept of growing up and living in the suburbs of Naperville, Illinois this summer…well, definitely make sure that it’s coming from rapper/producer Nobility! Okay, okay – yes…I realize that the […]Read More