Nic Nassuet – “Die Die My Darling”

Nic Nassuet – “Die Die My Darling” – Single Review Nic always has me learning just as much as listening…I dig that. His latest effort, the new award-winning single “Die Die My Darling” is a cover of the underground punk band The Misfits…many of you out there already know these giants of the genre well.  […]Read More

SBS Podcast 013

It’s about damn time we got into some fan mail and questions for the show’s host, Jer @ SBS!  Fearlessly answering questions that have been sent in from listeners and followers, join Jer @ SBS as he pulls questions out of a bowl and puts out some thoughts on what’s happening in the independent music-scene […]Read More

Nic Nassuet – “How The Gods Kill”

Nic Nassuet – “How The Gods Kill” – Single Review A few of you out there will have heard the original version of this song by Danzig I’m sure…but I’m also certain you’ll have never heard his material from the perspective of a true artist like Nic Nassuet.  Personally, I had to look this one […]Read More