SBS Live This Week 056

Awesome tunes on this episode with a full lineup of videos, music and spotlight info! Check out music/videos from Shmolts, DF3, Morning Fame and This Is A Joke Please Be Offended! Also featuring spotlights on the music of Endsightt, The Drama Dolls and Omar Bowing – and a doubleshot of tunes recorded by Closer from […]Read More

SBS Podcast 011

Excellent tunes to bring in the energy. Feelin’ the burn of the midsummer grind…Jer @ SBS pulls out songs from the indie-catalog to bust you outta that funk – come get some! Music from Acres Of Lions, EMPRA, Marriage Material, Red Martian, Morning Fame and Trevino in addition to brand-new songs from Joseph Tonelli, Shellshock […]Read More

Morning Fame – “Time Of The Blackened Sun”

Morning Fame – “Time Of The Blackened Sun” – Single Review Always enjoy hearing new stuff from Morning Fame…feels like it’s been a while since last we did!  I wonder if they’ve noticed we’ve moved in next door to them in good ol’ Ottawa, not too far away from where they’re based out of in […]Read More

Morning Fame – “Dreamality”

Morning Fame – “Dreamality” – Single Review With a misty & whispering opening, the new single from Canada’s own East-coast pop/rock sensation starts out subdued as it takes you through the fog. There’s a hint of epic-ness, just around the corner…it’s something you can FEEL; those opening moments provide a real chill of premonition. Morning Fame for […]Read More

Morning Fame – “The Golden One”

Morning Fame – “The Golden One” – Single Review Long standing Canadian SBS favourites Morning Fame are back with a brand new single called “The Golden One.” This new single has all the elements of their music that you’re familiar with…all that good stuff you know, love & expect from them in terms of great tone, […]Read More

Morning Fame – Back & Forth

Morning Fame – Back & Forth + Cast Away – Album Review I cheated. I always start at the beginning when doing an album review – I didn’t this time…I’ll admit it… It’s certainly not because I don’t like the track – I’m a huge fan of the opening track from Morning Fame on this […]Read More