AndyK – Layered Ink

AndyK – Layered Ink – Mixtape Review Couldn’t help myself on this one…I was supposed to check out the album-sampler of four songs…call me crazy but, I felt like I had to keep listening to what AndyK came up with on Layered Ink.  Dude’s got an interesting approach to music overall really…from what I can […]Read More

Cheena Black Monrow – Black 2 The Future

Cheena Black Monrow – Black 2 The Future – Mixtape Review I’m stoked to find out how this story of Cheena Black Monrow turned out; she teased us in 2015 with the Black 2 The Future Promo and I’ve been wondering what became of the full mixtape, and now here we are – Black 2 […]Read More

Endsightt – The Pioneer Mixtape

Endsightt – The Pioneer Mixtape – Album Review “You didn’t think I’d come back now did ya?”  Rapper, hip-hop artist and extreme-innovator Endsightt might actually be assuming too much there while loading his shotgun in the background of “23,” the first cut on his brand-new record, The Pioneer Mixtape – I wouldn’t have assumed anything […]Read More

Jacob Didas – Lucid

Jacob Didas – Lucid – Mixtape Review If you checked out the last episode of the SBS Podcast, you’ve already had a chance to check out some of the music from Jacob Didas…and no doubt, since then, anxiously awaiting some more!  We played a cut called “Deluded” from his Lucid album to warm you up […]Read More

B. Notes – This Is Not For Everybody

B. Notes – This Is Not For Everybody – Mixtape Review You’ll notice when you look into the music of B. Notes that this guy has a resume that speaks to that of a true entertainer.  Singer, rapper, songwriter, actor – B. Notes covers the map with all the right skills necessary to be captivating […]Read More

A-B-E – A South Bronx Tale

A-B-E – A South Bronx Tale – Album Review When I got up this morning…sun was shining…things were great instantly – you gotta love that! It wasn’t until I jumped online this morning that it began to rain inside…I got to check into an email from a promoter who was a little upset regarding the […]Read More

PHY – Live From Ninety-One

PHY – Live From Ninety-One – Mixtape Review Smooth, chilled-out atmospheres come out strongly in the opening of the latest mixtape from PHY – Live From Ninety-One. It takes less than a minute to want to be a part of the rhythm and groove of PHY, “I Got A Feeling” is definitely not a cover […]Read More

2Four – 24

2Four – 24 – Mixtape Review Get ready for this one! This new mixtape is being reviewed just slightly ahead of the release; 24 officially drops on May 5th, 2015 and we might very well see another future superstar declare their time with audible authority once this dynamic set of rhythms & verse hit the […]Read More