SBS Podcast With Ryan & Jer 012

Here’s an interview & a half! We talked with solo-artist Michael Blu back in the beginning stages of creating the podcast…like, the VERY beginning…this is the first one we did!  And though we were still working out a few kinks in the audio methods to record this program, we did manage to get most of […]Read More

Michael Blu – “Choka Clean”

Michael Blu – “Choka Clean” – Music Video Release As many of you already know through the recent review we did on his latest album Mr. Spaceman, we dig this guy and certainly support the inspiring way he goes about creating his music. Here in the video/single for “Choka Clean” you get a perfect example […]Read More

Saul Goodman!

This year has turned out to be one full of highlight achievements for independent music and certainly for us all here at sleepingbagstudios…which as many of you out there know has been only myself and my most excellent web-designer for some time now. And that has finally changed, along with a great many things and […]Read More

Michael Blu – Mr. Spaceman

Michael Blu – Mr. Spaceman – Album Review You wanna know something? This Michael Blu guy sure has a ton of style! From the moment that “Listen,” the opening track on Michael’s new album Mr. Spaceman starts out…you can hear there’s something a little different coming at you through the speakers. If what that difference […]Read More