Lazarus Benson – “Merry Go ‘Round” Feat. Kung Fu Vampire

Lazarus Benson – “Merry Go ‘Round” Feat. Kung Fu Vampire – Single Review “You’re not the circus – you are the clown.” The man’s got himself another solid entry into his catalog and another killer collaborative effort in the mix for ya.  And while I’d love to claim I’m surprised by that, I’m not really…Benson’s […]Read More

Melodramatic Sinner – “Merry-go-round” / “Revealed”

Melodramatic Sinner – “Merry-go-round” / “Revealed” – Singles Review Our lil’ Canadian site looks like it’s heading back overseas to Europe in this morning’s review, as we head into the scene of Zagreb, Croatia once again here in 2021 to check out new tunes from an artist going by the name of Melodramatic Sinner.  Been […]Read More