Mark Dunn – “Young Salamander”

Mark Dunn – “Young Salamander” – Single Review Alright…lemme see here, lemme see…if my memory serves me right, I got criticized for not being critical enough with Mark the last time around, even though I loved his last single “Walk In The Snow” and didn’t have a bad word to say about it.  So I […]Read More

Mark Dunn – “Walk In The Snow”

Mark Dunn – “Walk In The Snow” – Single Review “I don’t wanna give a fuck, but you know I do.” Mark Dunn…sir…bro…homie…you’re a weird dude…and I’m kinda lovin’ it yo! Now…I’m not the guy that’s gonna tell you there are any sort of rules when it comes to makin’ music, or videos for that […]Read More