Lunar Woods – “Let’s Get Loud”

To accompany their brand-new record with a title of the same-name, Russian-based grunge-rock band Lunar Woods have released “Let’s Get Loud” as the first single from their latest album.  We’ve already had a chance to review the entire record in-full, you can check that out here…but before you do that, make sure to check out […]Read More

SBS Podcast 010

Incredible tunes in this week’s podcast! Check out new music from Kostis Chaveles, Acres Of Lions, Dylan Schneider, A Love Like Pi, Lunar Woods, Anxious Houseguest, Roger Cole & Paul Barrere, Corey Zaccari, AJTheKid, Aminita Satori – this episode’s stocked with music to make your weekend bounce with all the right energy. To become the […]Read More

Lunar Woods – Let’s Get Loud

Lunar Woods – Let’s Get Loud – Album Review Fawk!  What a perfect title for an album from this reliably-loud grunge/alt-rock band from Russia!  I first got turned on to the music of Lunar Woods not too long ago…and I haven’t looked back since.  I’ve played them proudly on the SBS Podcast, and I genuinely […]Read More

SBS Podcast 005

Today we get right into the benefits of being a kickass person & humble musician!  Featuring in-depth talks on the new music from alternative-rock band Between The Void and singer/songwriter Erik Odsell – and rounding it all out with incredible music from other great independent artists & bands like Justin Llamas, Jack Alacka, Michael Reddington […]Read More

Lunar Woods – “The Story”

Lunar Woods – “The Story” – Single Review This is a hot new-single from Russian-based band Lunar Woods…I mean…this is a band with a solid-grip on their style & sound – you can hear it clearly in their new cut called “The Story.”  I’ve had a listen to pretty much everything I can from Lunar […]Read More