Rvkah – “Slow Down” / “Love”

Rvkah – “Slow Down” / “Love” – Singles Review “Like any young singer, Rvkah, (given name Rebecca Jean Moritz), would love the success of Madonna or Britney Spears to whom she’s been compared in magazine articles and on TV show interviews.  But this VH1 Award-Winning artist is not Madonna or Britney Spears.  She is Rvkah.”  […]Read More

Black Davinci – “Love”

Come and check out a gorgeous tune from artist Black Davinci, the new single “Love” from his latest LP, Black Love Matters.  Short & sweet, “Love” gives you plenty of insight into the character of Black Davinci in the music and onscreen – definitely the kind of artist that clearly understands melody, sincerity, and how […]Read More