April Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

You’d be shocked if we told you, but brothers & sisters we are conquering mountainous milestones here at the ol’ bag. Would you believe it if I told ya that we hit DOUBLE DIGITS for subscribers in April, all thanks to YOUR incredible (incredulous?) support! Who said it takes a whole village to build a […]Read More

SBS Podcast 100

It’s that magical time of the week – and a reminder to get in on the action in supporting the independent music-scene – it’s Proof Of Purchase Vol. 4 on the SBS Podcast!  A full lineup of incredible cuts and first impressions from the recent harvest at Bandcamp – don’t forget to get involved on […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 096

Catch a live set out of the vault for our First Five Years series on SBS Live This Week & check out Lindstrom And The Limit from their visit to SBS and an acoustic set from back in 2015!  Stick around for a spotlight on the music of BEEA and her latest video “Ride Or […]Read More

0187 – Lindstrom And The Limit Album III

Once more for your viewing pleasure, Lindstrom And The Limit!  If you’re interested in your audio pleasure, you should listen to these guys too!  I had an awesome time with Aaron and his crew of musicians & management that all piled into the ol’ garage studio in BC in 2015, as indicated through the photos […]Read More

0132 – Lindstrom And The Limit Album II

Really had a great time with these guys at the studio back in BC in 2015 – Aaron Lindstrom and a handful of musicians/supporters/management all came out to the studio for an interview/performance on SBS Live This Week and we spent the whole time in great conversation, laughing and chattin’ it up about what life […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 051

New all-music episode for ya! Music/Videos From:  Annie Becker,  Nixie,  Aztec,  Filthy Little Thieves,  Lyrical Assassin,  Lindstrom And The Limit,  ES The Music Sides,  hidingtobefound,  Davidson Calfee and a spotlight on the music of Curtis Lee Putman – come get it!!!Read More

0109 – Lindstrom And The Limit

This was a massively rad experience.  Lindstrom And The Limit…some of you might remember us assisting with featuring their video for their song “Queen Anne” – but what you might not know is that we were so impressed with what we saw, that I promptly invited the band to come by the studio to do […]Read More