SBS Podcast 047

Awesomeness in audio form! Come get some new tunes & info in ya, featuring highlights and rants on the music of Illusionaut, Clay Hughes, and Sham Gabr!  Additional cuts on the show from Joe Jermano, The Drama Dolls, Kemikal Storm, Skelley’s Dream, Melonvine, Randy Steele, and Nick de la Hoyde – come get some!   […]Read More

SBS Podcast 038

A killer lineup of tunes including all the bands/artists from our top-10 list for you to hear before the upcoming reader-vote from Dec. 15th-30th! Check out tunes from: Dazor, Eon MC Etc., J Speed, Paul The Trombonist, Sam & The Black Seas, Sienná, Smoking Martha, Vaultry, Victory Fires and Yellow Paper Planes from this year’s […]Read More

Kemikal Storm – Memories

Kemikal Storm – Memories – EP Review You didn’t think I’d FORGET these guys had a brand-new record out today, did you? After whetting the appetite and setting the stage for what’s to come with the release of their single “Spiritual Rebirth,” the duo of Kemikal Storm has been at the forefront of my mind.  […]Read More

Kemikal Storm – “Spiritual Rebirth”

Kemikal Storm – “Spiritual Rebirth” – Single Review Now…I don’t want anyone to get me wrong here – as a vocalist myself, most of the time when I listen to music I’m waiting for that moment where the singing begins.  As a long-standing fan of instrumental music in just about all its forms…I can be […]Read More