Johan Davis – “My Obsession” Feat. KEL

Johan Davis – “My Obsession” Feat. KEL – Music Video Post “The 2022 Summer Vibes!”  #WhoWouldIBeToDisputeSuchAClaim?  #SureSoundsLikeIt! According to the written post that comes along with the official video at YouTube, master mixologist Johan Davis knows exactly what he’s got on his hands with the inspired sound of his latest single “My Obsession” featuring KEL […]Read More

Johan Davis – “Summer Again”

Good timing Johan, yes sir.   My gut tells me that “Summer Again” is the kind of cut that people around the globe are certainly gonna appreciate right about now.  As the world emerges from the cocoon of our isolated times, a song like this is destined to travel far & wide as listeners connect […]Read More