Johan Davis – “Summer Again”

 Johan Davis – “Summer Again”

Good timing Johan, yes sir.  

My gut tells me that “Summer Again” is the kind of cut that people around the globe are certainly gonna appreciate right about now.  As the world emerges from the cocoon of our isolated times, a song like this is destined to travel far & wide as listeners connect to the energy & vibes of Johan’s debut single – we could all use an escape & a vacation by this point I’m sure, and this cut truly sounds like both, 100%.

All that being said, make no mistake, Davis dives in deeper than you might assume at first with such a bright & sunny disposition fueling the warm & vibrant dose of welcoming sound & style you’ll find within a single like this.  While on the surface, “Summer Again” appears to be as beautiful & sweet as the visuals of the video and the vibe of the song overall – a closer listen will reveal a track that’s built on powerful emotions & a theme that takes you on a journey from the bliss of eternal love, separated and broken by death, but never gone forever when it comes to the memory.  In many ways, a track like “Summer Again” is all about creating that special place, moments, and memories that we cherish later on in life, and reveals how anytime we choose to, we can go back & visit in our mind like everything all happened only yesterday.  It’s a gorgeous cut when it comes right down to it, no matter how you look at it – “Summer Again” is an expression of the true undying love some of us are lucky enough to find in one lifetime that will last longer than our own physical expiry dates, forever and ever, into the beauty of the ether and the universe beyond.  Between the sparkle of the music and the remarkable melody in the vocals flowing throughout Johan’s debut single, you’ll find you can simply turn it up and enjoy it for the vibrant & stunning sound on display, or you can dig right into the storyline and get that much more out of the experience overall – or better yet, feel free to do both anytime ya like – it’s out & available now!

With the reputation he’s built for himself in the international music-scene as a DJ in clubs and through collaborations throughout the years, 2021 is already looking to become the most pivotal moment in his career to-date as Johan steps into the online realm with brand-new recorded material for all to enjoy, wherever they are in the world, any time they like.  Exciting times ahead in this dude’s future for sure – “Summer Again” is a stellar single to break out with as a debut, Johan’s got it supported with a beautiful lyric video to go along with it, and with an impressive six-digits worth of clicks, plays & views across his many platforms online already since its release at the end of June this year, people all over the map are tuning in to have a listen & look at what Davis is capable of – and clearly, they’re loving what they find.

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