Johan Davis – “My Obsession” Feat. KEL

 Johan Davis – “My Obsession” Feat. KEL

Johan Davis – “My Obsession” Feat. KEL – Music Video Post

The 2022 Summer Vibes!”  #WhoWouldIBeToDisputeSuchAClaim?  #SureSoundsLikeIt!

According to the written post that comes along with the official video at YouTube, master mixologist Johan Davis knows exactly what he’s got on his hands with the inspired sound of his latest single “My Obsession” featuring KEL – it’s not just a stellar new cut, it’s “THE 2022 Summer Vibes” y’all – pay some attention & put some respect on these names right here!  With music that authentically shines with real depth & dimension to the production from Davis, and rhythmically on-point from the very first seconds that KEL begins to sing, “My Obsession” is a master-class in what makes a collaboration stand out right.

Catchy as it gets with addictive sound radiating from the music to the microphone, and featuring a visually stunning & beautifully shot video to support Johan’s new track – “My Obsession” has every advantage it needs to reach straight around the globe to find the audience it deserves.  Racking up tens of thousands of views within the first week of the release of the video certainly won’t hurt, and clearly that indicates that tons of people out there are catching on quickly to “My Obsession” and returning for another spin.  Certain to become YOUR obsession this summer & for plenty of good reasons, from the sparkling sound of the music to the sensational lead vocals of KEL bringing the passion to the mic – “My Obsession” has a brilliant combination of Deep House and tropical vibes that’ll slide right up to the top spots on your playlists & the international charts around the world until it reaches the number one spot.  Join Johan Davis and KEL this year for an undeniably smooth Electro groove designed to hit different in all the right ways – “My Obsession” is out now & available on all major music platforms – go hit this up!

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