Jennifer Hope – SINspirations

Jennifer Hope – SINspirations – EP Review Ever since we first stumbled upon the music of Jennifer Hope and her incredible vocals, the most consistent thing across the board has been the settings & atmospheres she’s chosen to display the truly dynamic & versatile power she has in her voice.  From our initial review on […]Read More

Jennifer Hope – “My December”

Jennifer Hope – “My December” – Single Review The wounds are still plenty fresh and the effects of the tragic death of Linkin Park’s core member Chester Bennington are continually sinking-in with us all day after day as we realize more and more how much music he contributed to our world…and just how much of […]Read More

Jennifer Hope – “Bring Me To Life”

Jennifer Hope – “Bring Me To Life” – Single Review Well…on the one hand, you can rest assured good ol’ Amy Lee is sitting on the couch squandering her talents anyhow…so the way that I see it, no reason the music of Evanescence should sit there wasting time with her. Open season on the entire […]Read More