Jay Jefe – “Space” Feat. Phil Ade & WillKane

Jay Jefe – “Space” Feat. Phil Ade & WillKane – Single Review You know what’s like, ALWAYS a good idea to add into your music?  Genuine personality. It wasn’t all that long ago…maybe just last week actually…that we first checked out the music of Jay Jefe in review.  I liked what I heard…it definitely had […]Read More

Jay Jefe – “Slide”/”Beast Within”

Jay Jefe – “Slide”/”Beast Within” – Singles Review Have no fear!  Most of you anyway…apparently the ‘beast’ is only attacking wack-ass rappers and non-believers…the rest of you should be able to survive unscathed. Rapper Jay Jefe is already back after dropping his project Jefe The Mixtape only about six-months back…that’s really not all that long, […]Read More