SBS Podcast 070

All kinds of awesomeness & new info found on today’s episode! We’ve got new music from Jas Frank & The Intoits and The Kid Chocolate Band on the show. We’ve got classic cuts from Peak Arrival, Aztec, Swami Lushbeard, Collins And Streiss, and DWARF in the mix! We’ve also got one of the latest singles […]Read More

Jason Rayn – “Ball” Featuring Mak Tha God

Jason Rayn – “Ball” Featuring Mak Tha God – Single Review “Haters, I got plenty…problems, I got many…” That may very well be the case homies, but listen to the man Jason Rayn rise above & continue to keep on his grind no matter what anyone might have to say.  Besides – you’ll hear from […]Read More

Jason Rayne – In The Making

Jason Rayne – In The Making – Album Review This emcee has added so much to his game over the past couple years that the man had to even add length to his own name!  Last time we reviewed Jason Rayne, he was Jason Rayn; don’t think you can just go and add an e […]Read More

Jason Rayn – “Zone” Feat. K$NG

Jason Rayn – “Zone” Feat. K$NG – Single Review Great to hear this collaboration still doin’ their thing, makin’ progress and keepin’ the hustle up. Last time we checked out Jason Rayn, he was working with K$NG on the 2 Rings EP…rhymin’ about ballin’ and making moves to put themselves on the rap-map.  Admittedly, there […]Read More

K$NG X Jason Rayn – 2 Rings

K$NG X Jason Rayn – 2 Rings – EP Review It definitely has nothing to do with these two guys running out of sounds and ideas…the combination of K$NG X Jason Rayn definitely have no shortage of those.  And it’s not anything to do with the confidence on the mic or the writing of the […]Read More