SBS Podcast 153

Hellz yeah we got a versatile set-list for a vibrant summer up in here!  Come get your dose of independent awesomeness on this episode of the SBS Podcast – we’ll be spinning music from Jared Mancuso, Jaydii, Hochen, Moron Police, Carl Anderson, and LoFi Chill along the way, in addition to learning about the latest […]Read More

April 2022 Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

Here’s another month’s worth of incredible music that has been absolutely ignored by the vast majority of the planet – including YOU! C’mon now…quit blushing.  You know how proud you are of your anti-music stance!  There’s so much time for music in any given day…but you…you chose specifically to watch that funny cat video on […]Read More

November Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

Back with another chapter of the most ignored project on the internet today – the SBS Secret Stash Of Stellar Singles! What can we say?  With such underwhelming results, we’re only more encouraged to keep on going.  Because we don’t mind loving your music, even if you don’t!  Which…yikes…from the numbers…is clearly how y’all feel.  […]Read More

SBS Podcast 129

A twenty-one cut salute to the awesomeness of the independent music-scene, we’ve loaded up this final episode of our Proof Of Purchase sub-series of the SBS Podcast with a massive lineup of tunes you can’t miss out on!  For the most part, we’ll be playing tracks purloined from the Bandcamp special on Juneteenth earlier this […]Read More

Jared Mancuso – “Break Me”

Jared Mancuso – “Break Me” – Single Review I’d be pretty much lyin’ to ya if I didn’t say I was somewhat expecting perfection when pushing play on Jared Mancuso’s new tune – especially in reading about it beforehand & learning that he was continuing to dive right into the throwback Alt-vibes he was exploring […]Read More

Jared Mancuso – “Go On”

Jared Mancuso – “Go On” – Single Review I don’t claim to be any kind of prophet, but I am on record already several times this year swearing that 2021 is gonna be one of, if not THE, best years of independent music we’ve experienced so far – and here’s some more verifiable confirmation of […]Read More

Jared Mancuso – Hype!

Jared Mancuso – Hype! – Album Review Word on the street from all my peers out there is that Jared Mancuso seems to be single-handedly restoring Rock’N’Roll back to its esteemed glory.  Seriously…these are some worthy pulled quotes if I’ve ever seen’em in a bio!  Given that I almost never fully agree with anything they’ve […]Read More