SBS Podcast 129

 SBS Podcast 129

A twenty-one cut salute to the awesomeness of the independent music-scene, we’ve loaded up this final episode of our Proof Of Purchase sub-series of the SBS Podcast with a massive lineup of tunes you can’t miss out on!  For the most part, we’ll be playing tracks purloined from the Bandcamp special on Juneteenth earlier this year – and of course, we’ll be adding in some even more recent cuts along the way you need to know about as well.  We’ll be spinning all-new stuff & talking about the latest from Vandi Lynnae, Psi Nide, The Circle View, and JStreet on the show, we’ll also be hitting up double-shots from Jared Mancuso, Mad Lollypop, Laura Scarborough, and Jeff Goldsmith on this episode – AND we’ll also be playing tracks by LoFi Chill, Joho, d i z m a t i o n, West My Friend, Kris Abyss, Grey Fields, Creepy Monday, Skittish, and a song from last year’s winner of our Best New Sound at SBS – Dirk Turquoise & The Grimy Pastels!

The last episode of the Proof Of Purchase series (for now!) – you know we had to bring it & load up on pure audio entertainment from one side of sound to the other – tune in & turn up for this week’s episode of the SBS Podcast y’all!

Your official show lineup includes:

Joho – “Truman”

West My Friend – “Saturn Maybe”

Grey Fields – “Palm Trees”

Laura Scarborough – “The Captain” / “Reflection”

Vandi Lynnae – “Dancing Through The Rain”

Skittish – “The Fixer (Bargaining)”

Jared Mancuso – “Go On” / “Roll Over”

The Circle View – “Something Else”

Dirk Turquoise & The Grimy Pastels – “The Solitary Sea Turtle”

Jeff Goldsmith – “Digital Love” / “What Happened To Your Face?”

Creepy Monday – “Slaughterhouse”

Kris Abyss – “Over Before It Starts”

Mad Lollypop – “The Oceanside” / “Waves (CAPITALISM EDIT)”

d i z m a t i o n – “Then & Now”

Psi Nide – “Frustrated”

LoFi Chill – “Will You Be My Love”

JStreet – “Who”

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