Jake Aldridge – “Rather Be Me”

Jake Aldridge – “Rather Be Me” – Single Review Free speech songs are usually one of the more interesting topics I cover…not so much for what you’ll see here on the pages, but generally speaking, what ends up happening behind the scenes.  Everyone wants honesty until you give it to’em – that’s when the problems […]Read More

Jake Aldridge – “Down”

Jake Aldridge – “Down” – Single Review Hard workin’ man right here – Jake Aldridge hasn’t actually taken a full year off of his music since back in 2015 according to what I’ve seen online…and considering how many songs he’s released after that, chances are it’s fairly safe to say that while we didn’t see […]Read More

Jake Aldridge – “Give You The World”

Jake Aldridge – “Give You The World” – Single Review Not too much debate about the world-region you’d find Jake Aldridge in after hearing the infamous UK-accent as he starts into the first verse of his brand-new single “Give You The World.” Not really sure if even I could put my finger on exactly what […]Read More