Hooyoosay – At The End Of The Day

Hooyoosay – At The End Of The Day – Album Review Well now…At The End Of The Day, this is practically a greatest hits collection for Hooyoosay, ain’t it? Good thing I’ve got labels & credits attached to this stuff too…I might know a few things about music here & there, but if there’s a […]Read More

Hooyoosay – Had A Darker Day

Hooyoosay – Had A Darker Day – EP Review Well if this title doesn’t say it all about the last year we had, I don’t know what would!  The same musical project that once brought us some of the sunniest-side up vibes we’ve experienced thus far in our adventures with the charmingly sweet & playful […]Read More

Hooyoosay – Strange, Elusive You

Hooyoosay – Strange, Elusive You – EP Review There’s no doubt that Hooyoosay has found its niche in music…it’s downright rare to experience tunes with as much enthusiasm & positivity as you’ll find in what this project creates.  You’ll remember the quirky way Hooyoosay approaches music one way or another.  Believe me folks, I speak […]Read More

Hooyoosay – “Palm Tree In My Garden”

Hooyoosay – “Palm Tree In My Garden” – Single Review Okay…this time someone is really setting me up right?  Is this real?  Am I being Punk’d? Let me explain… Hooyoosay…at least I figured at first, was writing about my own Aunt somehow!  Don’t get me wrong…I know how hard she’s worked in her life to […]Read More