The RA-6600 – “Dig”

The RA-6600 – “Dig” – Single Review Deadly! Awesome to hear The RA-6600 come back with such a fierce new single.  If you’ve followed along with our pages over the past couple years, you’ll know they’re one of my favorite projects out there to check-in on & see what they’ll come up with next…because quite […]Read More

The RA-6600 – Followed A Boy

The RA-6600 – Followed A Boy – EP Review You know something…in a world that is currently overstuffed with heavy issues & politics, I gotta say – it’s nice to take a break from all that with the blissful pop/indie melodies of The RA-6600.  We’ve been following this band from the Hembot Records family for […]Read More

The RA-6600 – Indiana Lights

The RA-6600 – Indiana Lights – EP Review What IS it about this band?  Why do The RA-6600 seem to always sucker me right into their pop-infused melodies like I can’t help myself otherwise? Let me give you an example, the opening tune/title-track “Indiana Lights” for instance.  I’m sitting here, trying to figure out what’s […]Read More


STV – SOS – Album Review No pressure here STV…but it’s my birthday…so…know that I’m going into this with the expectation you’ll make it a happy one for me! Not that I’d necessarily expect the subject matter, moods or atmospheres to necessarily be laden with joy…not when it comes to the emotional-textures you’ll find in […]Read More

The RA-6600 – Alien Planet

The RA-6600 – Alien Planet – EP Review Always cool to see someone, some artist, some band, pop-up from the Hembot Records label. If anything – I’ve learned to expect the unexpected from them…but at the same time, like many labels out there, they’ve definitely also defined themselves with uplifting, pleasantly-textured tunes tending to come […]Read More

Hembot Records – The RA-6600

Hembot Records – The RA-6600 – EP Review From two of the most silent artists I’ve ever come across to never say even a basic hello comes the new EP, The RA-6600 from Hembot Records. In a combination of pop-bliss, the two mimes in question are Daniel Olivas and Mark Medley…and the crazy part? They’re […]Read More