SBS Podcast 163

From the humble acoustic sounds of our independent music scene to the raw & still yet to be fully refined, we’ve got a full list filled with compelling ideas and great tunes you should hear on this new episode of the SBS Podcast!  We’ll be featuring tracks by Outfielder, FVRMN, HelloHeathen, Izzie’s Caravan, JOHO, Sprightly […]Read More

August Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

Phew!  For a moment there, we were a little worried you were starting to catch on, or like music! This awesome social experiment continues.  For what purpose?  Nobody knows!  But we sure are learning a whole lot about how folks listen to tunes and support the independent scene organically without any typical kind of promotions […]Read More

HelloHeathen – Pathetic Songs

HelloHeathen – Pathetic Songs – EP Review One of my favorite choices for unsung-hero out there in the independent scene – HelloHeathen has been examined here many times in review, been featured on our SBS Podcast, and in general, has always kept us guessing as to what will come out next.  Sincerity, melancholy & melody […]Read More

SBS Podcast 007

Excellent lineup of tunes from the independent music-scene!  We’ll talk about the unique qualities that drive the music…the whole conformity vs. non-conformity thing…bring back some excellent bands we’ve played on the show in the past as well as some brand-new tunes including a debut of a brand-new single from Outrun The Arrow!  Lots going on, […]Read More

HelloHeathen – Music To Die To

HelloHeathen – Music To Die To – EP Review Considering the last time we heard from HelloHeathen, he dropped off some demo-tunes that had just been recorded over his phone and I STILL welcomed them with open arms & ears…well…I’m sure you can imagine just how happy I am to see this guy show up […]Read More

SBS Podcast 002

A firm decision has been made! The plan is to feature ten tracks that continue to last on my own personal playlist, all gathered from the incredible independent music-scene of course!  Episode 002 features music from: The Shivers – Unravels Slowly – Joseph Tonelli – Ramsey – Undocument – Utuvis Jeffrey Aaron And The Blurples […]Read More

HelloHeathen – Blue Tape Demos

Hello Heathen – Blue Tape Demos – EP Review Hello Heathen – it has been awhile! And MAN…am I completely happy to have you back. In a world that can often feel plasticized, fake and hollow…HelloHeathen continues to make music in a raw & real way that is quite often the result of circumstance than […]Read More

HelloHeathen – HelloHeathen

HelloHeathen – HelloHeathen – EP Review Life here at the bag can be a lot stranger than you’d figure sometimes…and today is one of those experiences. Behind the scenes, talking briefly with the creative mind driving the HelloHeathen project, let’s just say we’ve managed to cover a lot of ground…pretty much everything you can say […]Read More