Nina Söderquist – “Goodbye” Featuring Björn Skifs

Nina Söderquist – “Goodbye” Featuring Björn Skifs – Single Review There are a lot of interesting techniques and undeniable talents being applied on the new single from Nina Söderquist.  “Goodbye,” the brand-new single featuring a duet with Björn Skifs already has the benefit of two stunning vocalists, but it also applies bold ideas in the […]Read More

Kenny Fame – Goodbye…

Kenny Fame – Goodbye… – EP Review Kenny Fame! WHAT sir…is your excuse? I have been expecting you since the moment the clocks & calendars turned over to 2016…like, 12:01 new Kenny Fame instantly kinda-thing…you’re LATE Kenny! For those of you that aren’t familiar with our consistent reviews on this one-man-music-factory…you’ll have to catch-up quickly…there’s […]Read More

Kenny Fame – “Goodbye…”

Kenny Fame – “Goodbye…” – Single Review Here we go! I tell you…if this guy continues to keep on writing and recording, we’re eventually just going to have to change our slogan from ‘we bring your music to life’ to ‘yet another home for Kenny Fame!’ on our main page! Many of you will be […]Read More