G.H. Hat – Sukiyaki

G.H. Hat – Sukiyaki – EP Review “Lodi Dodi, we likes to party, we don’t cause trouble, we don’t bother nobody…” If there’s one thing beyond the actual listening to new music that I love, it’s when the experience leads to me learning something.  The history of music is so expansive at this point, that […]Read More

G.H. Hat – “I Got A Problem (I Wonder…)” Feat.

G.H. Hat – “I Got A Problem (I Wonder…)” Feat. Mickey Shiloh – Single Review If there’s one thing my ears appreciate these days, it’s when they hear something fresh.  Whether that’s through the energy, ideas or an all-new sound…any of those three elements are more than acceptable – I just want music that feels, […]Read More

G.H. Hat – “Primal”

G.H. Hat – “Primal” – Single Review There are a couple ways of examining this new single from EDM/Trip-Hop artist/electro-wizard G.H. Hat.  If I’m judging “Primal” on what I like to hear personally…this quite easily makes the grade.  I dig the Trip-Hop genre probably more than most genres out there…and the low-end synth-sounds meeting the […]Read More